Zeus Electrosex: 6 Channel Deluxe Power Box


This Six Channel Electrosex Power Box is the king of electrosex controllers!

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It features six outputs, each with its own adjustable intensity. It offers 6 different wave patterns and two frequency knobs for adjusting the frequency on different outputs. It has a timer to control the length of your session. It has so much more! It even has an accupoint detection pen to help you find the best points to stimulate.

With the two included adapters this kit can be used with all Seus Electrosex accessories. With the included big bag of accessories you can turn this on and hook up a whole party all at once!

The included accessories are amazing. It comes with five alligator clip leads, each of which comes with conductive rubber pads that they attach to. That alone allows you to energize five points on your body. It also included ones TENS pin lead wire with two adhesive pads and It comes with a roll of tape for affixing the rubber pads

With all of those accessories, all the features, and all the compatible accessories, this is more of an Electrosex Power Party than a Power Box! While it is accessible to beginners, there’s almost no end to the possibilities that this box presents

With all those fun features, you’d think you’d have to worry about constantly replacing the 6 C batteries that it would take to run it, but not with Zeus Electrosex. We include an ac adapter so you can plug it right into a power strip and play all night and all day without worrying about weak batteries diminishing!

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