The Finger


Every fist starts with a finger, and if you can get past the first one you’re half way home!

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Designed to open you up to new experiences, this kinky, extreme sex toy features a prominent middle finger giving you the bird, plus a realistic fist, wrist and 14-inch forearm awaiting deep exploration of your pleasure holes.

This firm, yet flexible, finger fisting cock sets the mood between mates and is an easy addition to your sex toy collection and for an erotic BDSM toybox. The finger features realistic nail and knuckle detail, while the fist and arm offers soothing veiny accents that maximize the sensation of each stroke.

Go ahead, give yourself The Finger…you’ll thank us later!

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MaterialPVC (Vinyl)
Insertable Length14.00"
Suction Cup 
Harness Compatible 

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