Super Powered Insertable Wand Kit


Treat yourself to an orgasmic internal massage! This kit has everything you need to experience vaginal and anal vibration, including a powerful and sophisticated wand massager and three attachments.

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The Thunderstick has impressive functionality, with a silicone head and a sleek, modern look! The smooth, variable speed dial controls intensities that range from a delicate, low hum to a knee-shaking thrum. The flexible neck allows you to find the right angle without straining your wrist.

Love the intense thrill of graduated anal beads? Just place the Thunder Beads attachment (T{R) over the head of the wand and it will transmit the intense vibration into each of the five smooth, seamless beads.

Looking for a fulfilling phallic experience? Enjoy the realistic shape and texture of the Thunder Shaft attachment (TPR) as it gives you an internal massage, sending the powerful thrumming of the vibe straight into your body.

Finally, with the Strap Cap accessory you can customize penetrating pleasure with a strap on harness for your wand! Simply slip your chosen dildo (not included) through one of the top or side openings and do your thing!

This set has everything you need for an exciting insertion excursion, solo or with a partne!

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