Spiked Leather Fraternity Paddle


WTF? Does that paddle have teeth? Why, yes, it does!

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An extreme twist on the classic fraternity paddle, this leather wrapped spanking toy is studded with small metal teeth, to provide a subtle prick and extra bit of bite to your swing. The sturdy, inflexible paddle will provide plenty of sting on its own, whether you choose the smooth side, or the side with the teeth.

The center of the paddle is reinforced to make it extra sturdy, with a smooth leather outer material, topped with a D-ring at the end of the handle. Flip the paddle around to mix it up, the blend of sensations will be sure to drive your partner wild!

But be careful, the biting side of the paddle will draw blood! Please educate yourself on blood play, including blood-borne pathogens. If you draw blood with the toothed side and then hit the same ass with the flat side, you will transfer blood to the flat side. For health and safety reasons, once it’s drawn blood this paddle should only ever be used with the same person.

This paddle is 16″ in total length, and the spanking surface measures 9″ by 3.5″.


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