Kink: In Deep Silicone Anal Snake


Soft and flexible with a slim body and tapered tip, the In Deep Silicone Anal Snake is one of the most innovative designs in the Doc Johnson’s ‘Kink’ line.

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In Deep’s narrow width is perfect for teasing or a long, easy push, while the extra-long length is ideal for goal-setting and deep exploration. (Please play safely when going this deep, don’t poke too hard with that pointy tip!) The lightly ridged surface makes it easy to keep your grip even with slippery lubed-up hands, and creates pleasant friction as you feed every inch into the receiving ass.

The In Deep Anal Snake is compatible with Doc Johnson’s ‘Vac-U-Lock’; system. But be forewarned, the silicone material is pretty hard. If you don’t use some kind of lubricant (we recommend Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Pock Powder) when inserting the plug into the base, it will be very hard to remove! Even with lubricant it takes a bit more force to pull out than with a rubber toy.

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Insertable Length17.00"

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