Handyman Butt Plug


Do you need your pipes fixed? Then look no further than the Handyman Butt Plug! This toy is guaranteed to stop any leaks you have in your pipes.

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Give yourself a big hand! The Handyman Butt Plug has beautiful skin details, down to the wrinkles and grooves of every knuckle. it also features the perfect “silent duck” position to ensure your hole can accommodate any of the four incredible sizes available.

Be warned, this toy starts off rather large and goes all the way up to a gargantuan size of 4XL! We hope you’re ready for a good time because this Handyman is ready to service you 24/7!

Product Dimensions

Size Length Insertable Length Thickness at Fingers Thickness at Knuckles Thickness at Wrist
M/L 7.75″ 6.50″ 1.75″ 2.50″ 2.00″
XL 8.75″ 7.75″ 2.25″ 3.25″ 2.25″
XXXL 10.25″ 9.00″ 2.75″ 3.75″ 2.75″
4XL 11.50″ 9.75″ 2.75″ 4.25″ 3.25″
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