Gut Puncher


The Gut Puncher is for the true fisting lover! We have this fist in sizes X, 2XL, and 4XL. Whether you are training (XL) or extreme (4XL) we have something for you!

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A punch in the gut is usually a bad thing… but not when it’s from the inside!

This is a life-casting from a real hand and forearm, almost to the elbow. Note that the wrist is the smallest measurement on this toy so if you order the soft firmness you will need to guide the fist in first and then go to work.

This is a beautiful fist, complete with a wristband. Get fisted today, no partner needed… whether beginner or expert, we have a fist for you!

Size Length Insertable Length Thickness at Knuckles Thickness at Wrist Thickness at Forearm
XL 13.00″ 12.50″ 3.25″ 2.50″ 3.50″
XXL 15.50″ 14.50″ 3.75″ 2.75″ 4.00″
4XL 17.25″ 16.25″ 4.25″ 3.50″ 4.75″
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