Dr. Skin – Dr. Michael


Dr. Michael, I presume? Yes, this is the famous sexologist Dr. Michael, and his specialty is extreme penetration… and you’ve got an appointment with him!



Drop your pants and bend over, it’s time for your anal examination! Oh, you just had one yesterday? Sorry, Dr. Michael wants a second opinion. And maybe a third, or fourth, or…

Stick Dr. Michael to any smooth surface, his suction cup will hold fast to give you an extreme experience. Or put him in your strap-on harness and ask your partner if they want to play doctor. If they refuse, remind them that regular inspections are required by their medical plan. So lube up… ready… aim… and the doctor is in!

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ColorCaramel, Vanilla
MaterialPVC (Vinyl)
Insertable Length11.50"
Suction Cup 
Harness Compatible 

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