Boss Hogg


Meet the new Boss… not the same as the old Boss! This monster cock will really fill you up! Pick from five sizes!

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Are you ready to get stuffed? Really stuffed? The Boss Hogg will do the job! The unique shape, with a tapered top swelling to a thick shaft, will fill you to the max.

Pick the size that fits you best… from 10″ long, 9″ insertable, 9″ around to 14″ long, 13″ insertable, 14.5″ around. When you’ve mastered that one, get the next size up to push your limits. Unless you’re already riding high on the XXXL, in which case you have our respect and admiration!

Product Dimensions

Size Length Insertable Length Thickness, Head Thickness, Middle Thickness, Bottom
Small 10.00″ 9.00″ 2.25″ 2.75″ 2.50″
Medium 11.25″ 10.25″ 2.50″ 3.00″ 2.75″
Large 13.00″ 12.00″ 2.75″ 3.75″ 3.50″
XXL 14.00″ 13.00″ 3.00″ 4.00″ 3.50″
XXXL 14.75″ 13.75″ 3.25″ 4.50″ 4.00″
ColorBlack, Brown, Tan
Insertable Length9.00"
Minimum Circumference7.00"
Maximum Circumference9.00"

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