Assberge Egg Plug


This exquisite egg-shaped butt plug is decorated with intricate details… it’s a real work of art! It comes in four sizes, but be prepared—the smallest size ix XL, and it goes up to 4XL!

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Get ready for an incredible stretching experience! Most plugs are sized in Small, Medium, and Large. Forget that! The Assbergé Egg Plug starts right off with XL and tops out at 4XL! Check out the size chart below and make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your ass.

This plug is made from premium silicone, and it’s available in six colors.

Product Dimensions

Size Length Insertable Length Thickness, Top Thickness, Middle Thickness, Base
XL 9.00″ 8.00″ 2.50″ 3.50″ 3.25″
XXL 10.75″ 9.50″ 3.00″ 4.00″ 4.00″
4XL 12.75″ 11.50″ 3.50″ 5.00″ 4.75″
XXXL 11.75″ 10.25″ 3.25″ 4.50″ 4.25″
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