Ass Bound Anchor Inflatable Anal Plug


Stretch your limits! Get ready to turn the pressure up with this inflatable anchor anal plug! This smooth, soft silicone plug has a tapered tip in the center and curved, round sides for easier insertion. If you’re an anal enthusiast you’ll love how the 3.2 inch long and 1.8 inch wide plug expands to 5.0 inches long and 5.5 inches wide!

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Lube up and slide the plug in. This anchor-shaped plug can be pushed inside while less than 2 inches in diameter and 3 inches long and then inflated to approximately 5 inches deep by 5.5 inches wide! The intense pressure build up will press against the internal sphincter as the flanged base keeps the plug anchored in place. Once you’ve got the plug inside, use the bulb to pump up the plug.

As it inflates, take your time and go slow. The hose has a built-in quick-release valve that lets you control pressure decrease—you can choose to deflate fast or slow! Pressure may build and push against the prostate, giving you even more extreme pleasure as you play with yourself or a partner. After the plug is inflated, you can remove the hose and the plug will stay inflated!

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: If plug is inflated and you cannot deflate it or have lost the removable hose, take a pair of scissors or safety shears, spread your cheeks, firmly pull the base away from your buttocks, and cut as close to the plug as possible. Shortly after, the bulb will deflate and you will be able to retrieve the plug. If it’s still stuck, DO NOT WAIT! Call 9-1-1 and get to the Emergency Room immediately! Yes, it will be embarrassing, but trust us… they’ve had to retrieve stranger things from peoples’ butts!


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