Anal Links


Flexible, firm, and slick, this set of spade shaped anal beads will go in smooth and give an extra jolt of sensation with the passing of each bead. An O-ring handle makes for easy and quick removal when it’s time.

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This large set of anal beads are spade shaped for added sensation. Flexible yet firm, the slick material inserts easily. The O-ring handle makes for easy and quick removal, as each flared bead passes out of you, you will feel an incredible jolt of sensation. Tapered for easy insertion, these super sized beads will maximize your anal experience.

The Large Anal Links (first picture) are 12.25″ long, 9,25″ insertable, and the beads are 2″ thick. The X-Large links (second picture) are 15.5″, long 12.75″ insertable, and the beads are 2.25″ thick.

MaterialTPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
Insertable Length9.25"

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