10X Sliding Ring Silicone Missile Plug with Remote


After practicing with small and medium sized plugs, you’re finally ready to use a larger one! First you pair the remote with the plug so you can control it hands-free. With lots of deep breaths, pushing and relaxing, you finally slide the plug inside. You move and stretch, feeling the expansion inside your rear and thoroughly enjoying how it pushes against all your most sensitive spots deep inside. You feel excited and begin to play with the settings. The sliding feature massages you in a way you can barely describe, the plug remaining still but moving and writhing inside. The vibrations add a buzzing rumble that makes you feel hot and tingly. As you relax, your senses awakened, you smile both at the triumph of fitting this missile inside and because tonight is going to be one hell of an experience!

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For those who are experienced anal enthusiasts, this is a delight for your derriere! The Sliding Ring Missile Plug is perfect to load your backside and enjoy the massive sensations from the stretch and vibrations.

Made out of premium, body-safe silicone, the plug is firm with a ring beneath the silky smooth surface. Enjoy 3 speeds of sliding as the ring moves across the plug while inserted. The slightly tapered, round tip assists with insertion and then you can enjoy up to 4.75 inches of length and 2 inches of width that open you up inside.

This backdoor missile also rumbles with 3 speeds and 7 patterns of powerful vibration for you to enjoy! Rated IPX5, it is splash-proof and can handle fluids and spills, but should not be submerged underwater or taken into the shower.

Use the battery-operated remote to control the functions so you don’t have to fumble with the controls once inserted. Use with water-based lubricants only for best results. Recharge using the USB cable included.

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Insertable Length4.75"
Remote Control 

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