Sex Grease has always been our personal favorite, most recommended, and best-selling water-based lube. But it disappeared during the COVID pandemic. It was produced by a one-man company and apparently, like many small companies, they couldn’t stay afloat during the pandemic. But a major manufacturer, ID Lubricants, has brought it back! And they’ve added a silicone version! We’ve tested the water-based version… we still had a couple of bottles of the old version… and as far as we can tell it’s the same as the original. And the new silicone formula is the best silicone lube we’ve ever tried. It’s also now available in twoRead More →

Apparently our ancestors were making and using sex toys as soon as they started walking upright and using tools. I’ve been seeing news articles about ancient dildos recently—and I wasn’t even looking for them!— so I’m sharing them with you. It’s not a darning tool, it’s a very naughty toy: Roman dildo found This dildo was found “in a ditch along with dozens of shoes and dress accessories as well as craft waste products such as leather off-cuts and worked antler“, so it was initially cataloged as a darning needle… possibly by “somebody uncomfortable with it or didn’t think the Romans would do such sillyRead More →