Yes! We thought you might like to see what else is new besides Creature Cocks. Speaking of which… right after we sent out the last newsletter, the manufacturer released four new Creatures! But we’ll wait a while on those, there are a lot more products we want to add to the store. And we’ve also been adding other products that we want to tell you about. First, there are some interesting butt plugs, including a couple of inflatables. Then we’ve added six new plugs in the Anal Adventures Matrix series. And finally, we did a mass update with the rest of the RealRock dildos inRead More →

Okay, that subject line sounds like the title of a bad 1950s science fiction movie. Maybe that’s because I’ve been reading “Keep Watching the Skies” by Bill Warren. This book is a comprehensive review of all of the science fiction movies released in the USA in the 1950s… the great, the good, the bad, and the totally awful. If you’re a fan of sci-fi and horror movies, you should get this book now so you can settle in with it for the winter. At just over 1,000 pages, it will take you a while to get through it. But on to the creatures. Yes, XRRead More →

It’s hot out there. Really hot. Dangerously hot in some places… I’ve read news articles about people in Arizona falling onto blacktop and getting third degree burns! Be safe, people, be careful out there! There might not be no cure, but there are some things that you can do to distract yourself from the heat. Stay inside, stay as cool as you can, and get some new sex toys to keep yourself occupied while waiting for the next Ice Age! And we’ve got the toys for you! Over the past few weeks we’ve added some awesome Jock Dual Density Silicone Dildos; the Blush Anal AdventuresRead More →

The new theme has settled in, and we’ve added a couple more features that we hope will improve your shopping experience. First, we (re)added wish lists! During a major conversion we did about five years ago, we lost wish list capability on the store. And we never noticed until now. So it’s back… you can add a product to your wish list by tapping the “Add to Wishlist” link on any product gallery or single product page. You’ll find your wish list in your account settings (“My Account” in the top menu on any page). We’ve also added a new payment option! If you haveRead More →

Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade. But sometimes, you just end up with a puckered face and acid indigestion. That’s what’s been happening to us recently. A couple of months ago we found out that the theme we were using for the store wasn’t supported any more. That’s not a good thing, especially when a change to the store software breaks something in the theme. So we needed a new theme. We did some research and selected a theme that had great reviews. We installed it and it was fantastic—beautiful, fast, and loaded with features. It ran like a dream. ButRead More →

The last of the Tantus XL Toys! Here they are, the last batch of Tantus toys… another 7 products, bringing the total to 25 butt-busters! But don’t stop there… keep reading to the Coming Soon section for a preview of some of the massive toys that we’re planning to add in the coming months!

We’ve been busy finding new toys for you! We just added a butt-load of  huge dildos, plugs, and probes… including some long “snake” probes for you depth specialists! (By the way, “butt-load” has nothing to do with your ass. A “butt” was an old term for a large container, usually a barrel, used to store liquids. So a “butt load” meant “A lot!” Of course, you’ll want to load your butt with these toys!) First, we’ve got a Dog Dildo that’s available in four sizes and four colors. This is a Big Dog! Then, we’ve added four more Creature Cocks. Last, a batch of TantusRead More →

We know you want big sex toys… That’s the name of our store, after all. We built our reputation on carrying the largest and most unusual toys we could find. But the economy has hit the adult product market pretty hard. The cost of materials… silicone, PVC, TPR, and TPE… has skyrocketed. So manufacturers have generally stopped making really large toys, and have discontinued a lot of their older large products. So we’re always happy when someone releases some new larger toys, and Blush has been doing that recently. This latest batch is from their Dr. Skin line, and they range in size from 8″Read More →

We’ve got a lot of large toys coming your way! Here are the first. Tantus was the first adult toy manufacturer to introduce high-quality silicone toys to the mainstream adult market, in 2000. So, do they know silicone? Yes, they do! We’ve wanted to carry their products for a long time, but none of our suppliers stocked them. I checked their site recently and found that they have an XL Toys category. I decided to look at all our suppliers, and was beyond excited to find that one of them now carries the entire Tantus catalog! We’ll be adding all the large toys, starting thisRead More →

This month we’re featuring the Creature Cocks line from XR Brands! A lot of people have fantasies about “alien” and “monster” sex. In fact, there’s a category of porn called “monster porn” that’s targeted to that audience, and a whole subcategory of “dinosaur porn”! So it was only natural that some toy manufacturers would cater to those interests. There’s a very popular site that makes fantasy cocks in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. In fact, you can select the size and color on all of them! But that kind of product demands a premium price. If you’re on a budget and want toRead More →