Yes! We thought you might like to see what else is new besides Creature Cocks. Speaking of which… right after we sent out the last newsletter, the manufacturer released four new Creatures! But we’ll wait a while on those, there are a lot more products we want to add to the store. And we’ve also been adding other products that we want to tell you about.

First, there are some interesting butt plugs, including a couple of inflatables. Then we’ve added six new plugs in the Anal Adventures Matrix series. And finally, we did a mass update with the rest of the RealRock dildos in 10″, 11″, and 12″ sizes. You might notice that as the size goes up, the number of products goes down… to only one 12″ dildo. Manufacturers are being cautious about making larger products now because of manufacturing costs, and because they don’t sell as well. Especially in retail stores, where they take up more wall space!

The RealRock line has dildos in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You’re sure to find something to fit your needs and match your decor! You can see all of them here:

RealRock Dildos

But we want to highlight two of the new RealRock cocks: the Two In One didos, with two cocks to simulate double penetration; and the Extra Thick dildos, which offer more girth without a lot of extra length. We’ll start out with those. We’re really excited about these: the Extra Thick Cock, No Balls and the Extra Thick Cock With Balls are available in three sizes: 8″ long x 2.5″ thick; 9″ long x 3″ thick; and 10″ long x 3.25″ thick. And the Two In One double cocks, also in three sizes: 5″/6″ long x 2.5″ thick; 7″/8″ long x 3″ thick; and 9″/10″ long x 3.5″ thick. And all of them are available in Black, Tan, and White.

More RealRocks

Here’s the rest of the lineup, in 10″, 11″, and 12″ sizes. The solid color products are available in Black (usually), Brown, and Tan; and the translucent products are available in a variety of colors.

Butt Plugs!

If you’ve got a hole, we’ve got a plug for it! We’ve got vibrating, pulsing, sliding, and two awesome inflatables!

Enter the Matrix!

Blast off with these new vibrating plugs from the Anal Adventures line. And get this: three of them are waterproof, including the controllers!

That’s it for this month!

We’ll try to scare up some great things for you next month. And if you’re in the mood for chills, thrills, terror, and horror, check your streaming channels. Some of them are having special horror lineups for Spooky Season!

Play hard, and play safe!
~~ Grey and Star