Okay, that subject line sounds like the title of a bad 1950s science fiction movie. Maybe that’s because I’ve been reading “Keep Watching the Skies” by Bill Warren. This book is a comprehensive review of all of the science fiction movies released in the USA in the 1950s… the great, the good, the bad, and the totally awful. If you’re a fan of sci-fi and horror movies, you should get this book now so you can settle in with it for the winter. At just over 1,000 pages, it will take you a while to get through it.

But on to the creatures. Yes, XR Brands has released more Creature Cocks. A lot more creature cocks, including some masturbators. And spooky season is just around the corner, so these might be perfect for that adults-only Halloween party you’re planning. Or to use while watching all those movies you found in “Keep Watching the Skies”!

There are a few more Creatures coming down the line that we don’t have pictures for yet, and that our suppliers haven’t picked up yet. And another manufacturer has jumped on the bandwagon with a similar line called Alien Nation. Can you ever have too many fantasy sex toys? We don’t think so… but how do you feel about it? If you want to let us know, reply to this email, or open a ticket on our site, and tell us whether you want more creatures, or that we should stop already.

About Pictures and Measurements

As you probably know by now, we run our business with suppliers who drop ship your orders to you directly from their warehouse. We don’t keep any inventory in stock. That lets us offer a wide variety of products without having to keep any inventory. But it does make it difficult sometimes to get accurate product information.

Back when we first started our store almost 25 years ago, we could buy a product from our local supplier and take our own photos and measurements. We just can’t afford to do that any more, so we have to rely on the information provided by the manufacturer and our suppliers. This often requires a lot of detective work.

Product photos are one case. For the Creature Cocks in this newsletter, we had to go to the manufacturer’s website, and the websites of four of our suppliers, to get the pictures we wanted. Most suppliers these days only put one or two photos on their product pages. And one of them usually has a good selection of pictures, but they put an annoying “Property of [supplier]” watermark on them… even though they clearly got them directly from the manufacturer! But we have a few suppliers who give us a good selection of photos.

Measurements are another issue. You would think that would be readily available, right? That’s true most of the time. But sometimes we have to call one of our suppliers or even the manufacturer and ask them if they can give us the information on a product. We even have a couple of suppliers who will occasionally measure a product for us. And sometimes the information from the manufacturer isn’t correct. I just looked at a dildo that the manufacturer listed at 9″ long with an insertable length of 3″. Obviously, not correct.

And then there are the product descriptions. Sometimes a manufacturer will use the same description for an entire line of products. Sometimes that makes sense, like when the only difference between the products is the size and color. We do try to vary the descriptions as much as we can, but sometimes all we have time to do is copy and paste.

Sometimes I wish we had started a brick-and-mortar store. Buy the products and hang them on the wall… simple! But of course, that’s a totally different business model and I doubt we would have been able to keep going with it for 25 years!

And now… All the Creature Cocks Great and Small!

You can always find all of our Creature Cocks here:

All the Creature Cocks!

We told you there were a lot of them!

Almost done!

All out of creatures… for now!

But we’ve got a lot of exciting products coming soon! We’re a bit frustrated because we look at the new product pages on our suppliers’ sites and find something that we know you’ll like, and the product pages say “Picture coming soon” and “Out of stock”. Which usually means the manufacturer is still waiting for everything to be made, packaged, and shipped. And once that happens, we have to wait until our suppliers get the products in.

Sometimes we can get the photos set up, and even the product pages set up, so that all we have to do is publish them when they’re finally available. But sometimes we just have to wait.

So keep watching the skies… uh, our website… to see what’s new!

Play hard, and play safe!
~~ Grey and Star