The Return of Our Favorite Lube!

Sex Grease has always been our personal favorite, most recommended, and best-selling water-based lube. But it disappeared during the COVID pandemic. It was produced by a one-man company and apparently, like many small companies, they couldn’t stay afloat during the pandemic.

But a major manufacturer, ID Lubricants, has brought it back! And they’ve added a silicone version! We’ve tested the water-based version… we still had a couple of bottles of the old version… and as far as we can tell it’s the same as the original. And the new silicone formula is the best silicone lube we’ve ever tried. It’s also now available in two sizes, 4.4 ounces and 8.5 ounces.

And in Other News…

First off, we’ve added Amazon Pay to the available payment methods! So you now have a choice of credit/debit, PayPal, and Amazon when you check out. We’re looking into adding Apple Pay and Google Pay, but we want to make sure the checkout page doesn’t get cluttered with too many payment options!

We’re continuing to bring you the best in Adult Pleasure Products. (That’s the adult industry politically correct term for “sex toys”.) Let’s start with some excellent dildos from RealRock. These are high-quality toys made from silicone and TPE. We just added the 8″ dildos, and we’ll be adding the 9″, 10″, 11″, and 12″ models over time. These take longer to add because there are a lot of them, and the all come in multiple colors. So we’ll be adding a few simpler toys in between batches.

We’ve also added the B Yours Plus dildos. These are colorful TPE toys in some larger sizes. Here’s a sample of these two lines. You can find all of them by searching for the brand name, like this: “realrock” or “b yours plus“.

The Creatures Keep Coming!

Yes, more Creature Cocks. And they just keep getting more and more bizarre!

Plug It In, Plug It In!

You get a butt plug, and you get a butt plug, and you get a butt plug… everyone gets a butt plug!

And Finally…

Here are the biggest of the new Big Sex Toys!

That’s All for Now!

We’ll be back soon with more new toys for you!

Play hard and play safe,
~~ Grey and Star

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