New Features

The new theme has settled in, and we’ve added a couple more features that we hope will improve your shopping experience. First, we (re)added wish lists! During a major conversion we did about five years ago, we lost wish list capability on the store. And we never noticed until now. So it’s back… you can add a product to your wish list by tapping the “Add to Wishlist” link on any product gallery or single product page. You’ll find your wish list in your account settings (“My Account” in the top menu on any page).

We’ve also added a new payment option! If you have an Amazon account, you can now use it on our store when you check out.

We don’t have any more plans for changes to the store for now. Each time you add something to a commerce site, you risk something breaking. Grey has been spending a LOT of time over the past couple of months working with developers to resolve problems and conflicts with the new theme and plugins, and his brain needs a rest.

And now, on to the new toys!

The Anal Gnome

We couldn’t resist adding this cute gnome to the store. If you’re into fantasy play, you need to add this little guy to your collection. Or maybe you know someone who collects gnomes and you need to get a present for them. Wait, maybe that’s not such a good idea. Unless you know them really well!

Big Toys

In the last newsletter we gave you a preview of some toys that we were planning to add, and we’ve started doing that. Here’s the first batch, and there will be more coming. Some of these have multiple sizes, and we’ve shown the largest size for those.

Colorful Toys

Blush makes some of the best sex toys on the market. They recently introduced a new line, “B Yours Plus”. These are versions of some of their most popular… and largest… toys, made from TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer). TPE toys can be very soft, flexible, and even stretchy. The B Yours Plus dildos are very soft, but still firm enough to stand up to heavy play. And they’re available in translucent Clear, Pink, Purple, and Teal.

That’s All for Now!

We’ve got more big toys coming soon. And we’re going to be able to add them a lot faster! A lot of the large and unusual toys have multiple options that you can select, like size and color. When you see that product on the store it looks like it’s just one product… but it’s not. Behind the screen are a lot of individual products—called ‘variations’—representing each possible combination of options.

A product like the B Yours Plus dildos has four colors, so there are four variations in the product database. The Seahorse, on the other hand, has five sizes, eight color/firmness options, and two attachment hole options. If you do the math, that’s 80 variations. And they all had to be created by hand. The first time we did one of those products it took Grey two days to get it done, and then another couple of days fixing the errors he made.

Fortunately, Grey is a Programming Wizard, and he’s written a program that lets us add a product like that in a couple of hours. So like we said, lots more and faster!

But Grey is going to take a few days off first and catch up on some reading.

Play hard and play safe,
~~ Grey and Star

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