We've been busy finding new toys for you!

We just added a butt-load of  huge dildos, plugs, and probes... including some long "snake" probes for you depth specialists! (By the way, "butt-load" has nothing to do with your ass. A "butt" was an old term for a large container, usually a barrel, used to store liquids. So a "butt load" meant "A lot!" Of course, you'll want to load your butt with these toys!)

First, we've got a Dog Dildo that's available in four sizes and four colors. This is a Big Dog! Then, we've added four more Creature Cocks. Last, a batch of Tantus large silicone anal probes and cone plugs.

And here's your special newsletter deal. All products in the "Tantus XL" and "Creature Cocks" collections will get an automatic 10% discount through April 30! You might get screwed by the IRS, but at least with our toys you get to use lube! And it you get a refund, you know where to shop!

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