We've got a lot of large toys coming your way! Here are the first.

Tantus was the first adult toy manufacturer to introduce high-quality silicone toys to the mainstream adult market, in 2000. So, do they know silicone? Yes, they do!

We've wanted to carry their products for a long time, but none of our suppliers stocked them. I checked their site recently and found that they have an XL Toys category. I decided to look at all our suppliers, and was beyond excited to find that one of them now carries the entire Tantus catalog!

We'll be adding all the large toys, starting this week with some very interesting plugs. These are longer plugs, so check them out if you're into deeper play. All of them come in soft silicone in red and black, and a firm version in brown.

Here's your Special Newsletter Deal!

You can save 10% on any Tantus XL Toys through March 31, 2023... and longer. We'll keep extending the date until we've got all the toys added! The discount will be applied automatically when you add the products to your cart, and you can use it as many times as you like. Of course, we'll be sending out a newsletter each time we add a new batch... about every 2-3 weeks.

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