TSX Products Are No Longer Available

Feb 3, 2018 by

TSX Products Are No Longer Available

We're sorry to announce that TSX products are no longer available. When we called TSX on Tuesday (January 30) to check on some invoices we got a message that their phone had been disconnected. We tried to bring up their website and it was down. We've been trying to contact them all week with no success. We can only assume that they've gone out of business. We will be issuing refunds next week on all orders for TSX products that have not been shipped.

This is a huge blow to us, especially after losing Gold Dreams a couple of months ago. GD products accounted for about 20% of our sales, and TSX products were about 30%. So in the past two months our expected sales have been cut in half. Frankly, it's going to be a struggle to keep our business going. But we're going to do our best.

So if you would keep us in mind when you're shopping for adult products, we would appreciate it very much. Every sale helps.

~~ Grey and Star

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