GD Products Are No Longer Available

Dec 4, 2017 by

GD Products Are No Longer Available

We're sorry to announce that GD products (Gold Dreams, aka Black and Black Line) are no longer available. The owner decided to shut down his business two weeks ago, and he didn't inform us until last Saturday (12/2/17). The products that are no longer available include:

  • The Big Butt Plug line (3.5" - 5")
  • The Wide Receiver plug line (3.5" - 4.5")
  • The Halfback, Fullback, Tight End, and Personal Trainer plugs

GD also produced some large dildos, but we have found replacements for some of those. We are trying to find someone to make replacements for the plug lines, but it would probably be mid-2018 before we could get all of them back, if that's even possible.

This part is difficult for us to say. We're a small home business, it's just me and Star. We've been struggling since the recession hit in 2008. We're now making about 30% of what we made in 2007. We're keeping above water, but just barely. Because the owner of GD didn't tell us he was shutting down for two weeks, we have had to cancel and refund $750 in orders that we accepted after they closed. In addition, GD products have accounted for 15%-20% of our sales, so losing those products is going to hurt us badly. We are going to do our best to keep going, but if we can't cover our basic expenses this could force us into bankruptcy, and possibly into closing our own business.

So if you would keep us in mind when you're shopping for adult products, we would appreciate it very much. Every sale helps.

~~ Grey and Star

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  1. dcxlii

    Is there any update on this? These were among my favorite toys, but they are porous and mine are starting to degrade. Do you guys happen to know what became of his masters and molds?

    • blogmaster

      There’s really nothing to update. The owner retired. We don’t know what he did with the molds.

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