R.I.P. Hugh Heffner

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R.I.P. Hugh Heffner

Hugh Heffner died today. He had a huge influence on our society, and was an advocate for sexual freedom, women's rights, and First Amendment rights, among other things. We have a lot to thank him for.

Many of us have memories of Playboy Magazine. Interviews, articles, literature, and of course the photo shoots. It was groundbreaking, it was radical, and it was sexy. Here's Grey's fondest memory of Playboy.

I attended the University of Illinois, Urbana campus, where I got a bachelor's degree in psychology. Which is why I sell dildos today. My freshman year I got a season pass to home football games. Not just any ticket... a ticket in "Block I". That was a section of seats where we got colored cards and held them up to make pictures. Like the video below. They're a lot more sophisticated now. When I was there we only did still pictures.

At one game we did a picture of the Playboy logo. We didn't know that Hef (who was a U of I alum) was at the game. He contacted the University and said he wanted the picture on the cover of Playboy. So we were all brought back to do it again.

So yes, I was on the cover of Playboy Magazine! We all bought that issue and counted rows and seats to find our little card. I lost my copy long ago.

Here are some articles about Hef's life.






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