Another Change!

Sep 27, 2017 by

Another Change!

Yes, the site looks different again. We ran into some problems with the new theme we were using, so we had to find a new new theme. We hope this is the last change we have to make for a while.

We also had to change our membership system. We ran into problems with the plugin we've been using since we started the blog, most likely related to a recent update to WordPress that broke some plugins. We checked for an update to our plugin and found that the developer has stopped supporting it - the last update was over two years ago.

We have a new system in place, but unfortunately we lost the accounts of people who had signed up to receive email updates without registering as a member. We can only hope they find us again.

There's a "Membership" link on the menu that you can use to log in, edit your profile, log out, and of course register as a member. In addition to receiving immediate email notification of new posts, you will get some other membership benefits, like discount coupon codes and members-only content. So we hope you'll consider registering if you're not already a member!

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