Good vibrations? How about OMFG vibrations!

Jan 21, 2016 by

Good vibrations? How about OMFG vibrations!

This just in! The Wanachi Mega Massager has been spotted in the Big Sex Toy Store!

This is the biggest freaking vibrator we've ever seen. It's huge, 17" long and 4.5" thick... it's powerful... it's got 10 vibration settings... and it's AC powered with a 7 foot cord. This vibrator will rock your world!


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  1. God that’s a huge head!!! I wonder if anyone has bought it and used it internally? 4.5″ head is really big, too big for me, lol

  2. TIME6900

    Hey Grey, how can I access the store to make a purchase. I click on the banner ads and I’m taken to a page that reads the website is unavailable. I click on the store logo on the top of the blog webpage and get the same “website is unavailable”. Is the store open or are you still working on it, getting out the bugs and kinks. There are several items that only you carry at the BIG SEX TOY STORE and I would like to buy them. Thanks.

  3. I just clicked on the banners, and on the toy store link on the menu, and they both opened the store home page. I clicked on the picture of the Wanachi and it took me to the product page. So I suspect there’s a problem with your Internet connection, or with your browser settings, that is preventing you from reaching our site. We access the site throughout the day and haven’t seen any problems. I’ll contact you by email and try to figure out what the problem is.

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