Hi, I’m here for your annual furnace service!

Dec 17, 2015 by

Hi, I’m here for your annual furnace service!

That's what the man at the front door said. We have a service contract that includes an annual checkup. Having service on our heating and water systems always requires us to give them a warning. We run our business out of our home, so the part of our basement where the appliances are is also our "warehouse". It's filled with shelves full of huge dildos and butt plugs. We're also in the BDSM lifestyle, so the other part of the basement is a playroom.

So the guys show up... two of them this time, there's usually only one. As I'm leading them to the basement I  give them the usual pitch. "You'll be walking through an adult playroom and into a storage area for our sex toy business." One of them says, "Oh, I know, I've been waiting to see this!" Huh?

Apparently the guys who come out to our home have been talking about our basement, and the rest of them are on a waiting list to be the next ones to see our playroom and warehouse... uh, no, to check our furnace, yeah, that's it!

I'm upstairs trying not to laugh out loud listening to Star giving them a tour. I hope they remember to actually work on the furnace!

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