Great Review of Cockzilla

Jul 12, 2015 by

Great Review of Cockzilla

Someone just submitted an excellent review of Cockzilla, the latest gigantic dildo on our store. If you've been thinking about getting your very own Cockzilla, read this!



Review by AE - 07/10/2015 23:51:17

I've seen some of the large Icon Brand dildos but I have they have never bothered to purchase them as I have dildos too similar in measurement till I saw this Cockzilla. I was actually interested what this "Sensaflesh" was, in terms of sensation on how it felt to the touch. If you have a Bam dildo by Doc Johnson, the Sensaflesh feels just like that. Also the box is freaking huge, 9.75in x 16.75in x 5in (came with a 5oz cooling lube for 1st edition, extra swags).

Dimension - Dimension exactly as listed.

Pros - Very low odor, always great. Nice detailed veins for textures. Strong suction cup, holds up to the shower walls very well. Soft Sensaflesh material, similar to other rather soft PVC material. If you're interested in all that lifelike details, bonus points for you. Soft forehead, absolutely no rough edges (thank god).

Cons - Not really any actually. Maybe an even softer material would be even more awesome???

User Experience - The head is large, almost 3" diameter. Strangely it feels very nice to be penetrated and you can go deep and it still feels good like a large TPE dildo like the Annihilating Alexander. The veiny texture adds a nice touch, it's not too rough but a nice subtle sensation that feels just great. The entire shaft has enough bend but more than enough firmness to use it almost straight. Technically from the top of the dildo, mounted to a wall, it will only droop down 10-12cm. It does have very subtle texture like skin folds on the forehead but my body doesn't have the sensitivity to feel it. Near the base has this strange curve, and it helps stabilize the large toy but also it gives the dildo a very subtle "S" curve to hit to roof of your tunnel nicely for more added sensation.

From my experience, this dildo is absolutely great. Most likely anymore experienced enough will enjoy it but I think the target audience is advance users and beyond that hasn't gone too far past the 3.5" diameter range. Don't wanna stretch yourself out too much and don't feel a thing 😛 Either way this is probably my favorite new toy right between the Alexander and Bam. The Mighty Joe Long is great and all but nearly no texture. Cockzilla is a bit over 12" insertable but I haven't gone past 9", so I have some catching up to do.  😛

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