Best Customer Review of the Week – Mighty Joe Long – Part 2

Oct 20, 2013 by

Best Customer Review of the Week – Mighty Joe Long – Part 2

The award for Best Customer Review of the Week goes to to Honey for their review of the Mighty Joe Long:

This is a follow-up to my previous review of this product. Consider it a user's tip of sorts.

To experience this dildo's length in all its glory try the following.

If your butthole is swallowing the girth, but maxing-out at half-way or two thirds of the way down, take advantage of the dildo's oval shaped design by positioning it sideways, whether it be riding it or simply attach the bad-boy to a wall surface. The suction cup holds the weight, and handles the altered centre of gravity easily.

Now be prepared for another trip to assgasm heaven thanks to being stretched to the near limit once again, and get ready to revel in the accomplishment of going deeper. I noticed that if you ride or slam against it aggressively the dildo naturaly compresses and widens beyond its listed girth when the dildo is standing in its natural state.

Positioning the dildo this way, taking it on all fours, now enables this badboy to ream my ass out all the way. I swear my ass must have been dominated for nigh on an hour. Having your booty swallow the whole shaft (this monster especially) gives an entirely new definition to being filled-up, and pushes you to another level of booty sluttiness, and that's the pay-off for all us size queens. Trust me the only time you'll want to slip it out will be to admire your new and improved 'gorgeously large' gape in a specially placed mirror. Take my word for it your butthole will be yawning open, beyond wiiiide open.

So pull out the Crisco, lather up the bad-boy and your already warmed-up and primed booty (as per the already prescribed method), switch things up a little, milk Big Joe all the way to the balls with ease, and finally give an ass cheek a playful congratulatory slap because you would have graduated to a new level of Booty-Slutdom.

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