Best Customer Review of the Week – Femme Foot Fatale

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Best Customer Review of the Week – Femme Foot Fatale

The award for Best Customer Review of the Week goes to toΒ Repliquant for their review of the Femme Foot Fatale:

I wonder why this toy has not had any review yet. Am I the only organic being this side of Andromeda for whom the foot+shoe+bum combination is of interest? Can't be πŸ˜‰ The default idea seems to be that one can look at and fiddle with the funky toes while riding the tower. Only done it once, for scientific purposes, following with the thin stiletto alone. Since I bought this toy for a different purpose, I had to vandalize it a bit, shaving one bulge first, and then the remaining two, since otherwise it all would be too much like inserting a hammer with the business end first. Don't tell TSX or they will make a public example of me πŸ˜‰


The wonderfully curved toes help guide the foot into the ring. Inserting the strap will max out the major axis at 90 mm. One has to be very careful here because of the sharpish shoe corner below the pinkie. Taken to the hilt at the base of the stiletto on one end and the end of the top strap on the other, Femme Foot Fatale reaches the maximum of 154 mm of insertable length. There is nowhere further one can go, unless the stiletto also goes in. Haven't tried that yet... in this direction. Since it is the smooth arch which faces my prostate, I am able to slowly move the foot up and down, much as I would a simple banger. In time, I also learned to rotate the foot inside. Can be done, albeit slowly. Taking it out is easy all the way to the sole end, where I need to slow down, again because of the sucker base corners. It's best to yank the shoe left and right a bit, to ease the passage.


This method implies that the entire stiletto heel goes in. The fastest and most trouble-free method is to lay the shoe on the ground, toes forward, bend the foot a bit, guiding the ankle in, partially at first, and then rock backwards, all the way until the ring slides over the heel curve. The key here is not to overdo it, as then it will become more difficult to get past the heel. Getting here requires a stretch of 100 mm. Rocking back even further back gets me to the widest point of the shoe, when the stiletto is bent to the maximum, expanding the ring to 116 mm on the major axis, and 64 mm on the other. Going any further releases the pressure somewhat, and the point of no return is reached. As the stiletto pops in with all that pressure released, I realized that I had nothing to fear Ò€” it is a very pleasant sensation, as if I were being aggressively licked inside, which made me rue the fact that I could experience it only once per insertion.

With the entire foot bent considerably, and with the front resting on the ground, I rock forwards, sitting on the shoe with all my weight, nearly crushing it into the ground. The ankle cross-section moves past the ring, and at long last, the pressure is at least halved, as I begin to slide onto the top of the arch strap at speed. Focusing first on the heel and the stiletto and then the ankle is a great deal easier than trying to force the entire toy all in one go. Funnily enough, this is the same point past the hilt reached when inserting the toy wth the toes going in first! Going to the maximum insertable length of 165 mm, I can comfortably reach the lateral strap at the front, and the shoe sole at the back.

Given that the stiletto faced away from my prostate, I felt comfortable messing around a bit. After I reached the front strap yet again, I then secured the grip on the tip of the shoe, toes included, and then started bouncing on it, effectively sliding back and forth over the central arch, much as I had done during the toes-first method of insertion. Some toe nursing is required, since the front half of the foot compresses so much. After I raised myself to my knees and let go of the toes, the entire toy simply flew out, annihilating my fears of the stiletto getting stuck as a hook inside. It's easier than it looks.

All this was possible because the toy is so soft. I only wish the sucker base corners were not so sharp. I know it wasn't meant to be inserted, but still πŸ˜‰ It would be even cooler if the stiletto was a bit higher, and thus the foot a bit more arched and by extension a whole lot sexier, but I'm happy as a clam anyway. In a way, this is the best toy I have ever owned. I'm now wondering if I should buy another and try them both at once, toes first πŸ˜‰

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