Best Customer Review of the Week – The 3 Extra Inches Extension

Jul 21, 2013 by

Best Customer Review of the Week – The 3 Extra Inches Extension

The award for Best Customer Review of the Week goes to to The Big Dong for their review of the The 3 Extra Inches Extension:

This toy has totally revived our sex life. It is my fantasy come true for me. It gives me the big penis I have always wanted and I mean big. It is a solid insertible 8 inches and realistically fat. It really does suction on to my penis and becomes a part of me which is so cool and easy to use. Tough getting the balls through but I just lube them up and take my time with them.

My wife loves it. She cums so hard and so many times when I penetrate her with this. Part is due to the fact this thing prolongs me from cumming. It feels great during sex but just not enough stimulation for me to climax. I can give my wife countless mind blowing orgasms until she is ready for me to pull this thing off and let me finish inside her.

What I do to warm her up is I have this thing already on. After the kissing and fondling I throw her on the bed and eat her pussy. From there we have a 9 inch Ron Jeremy replica dildo and I will use this to penetrate her as I eat her pussy. After she is near cumming I then mount her and start ramming her with this huge extender. From then it is one intense orgasm after another. She is so hot that I am slamming this big cock all the way in, in every position and hard. She will even put me on my back and ride it balls deep as if this toy needs to be bigger.

This thing has totally revived our sex life. My wife always wants what she calls "The Big Dong" now. She says she loves the deep penetration. I love giving it to her.

All I can say is this thing is amazing.

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