Best Customer Review of the Week – The Walrus

May 26, 2013 by

Best Customer Review of the Week – The Walrus

The award for Best Customer Review of the Week goes to to Stretch-Butt-Strong for their review of the The Walrus:

This is the best (and biggest) dildo I've ever owned. I've been faithful to my beloved Caterpillar for over a year now and I realized I out grew, or out stretched, it and needed a new challenge... so I got the Walrus. Where do I begin!

I'll start by saying they aren't joking in the description about the "Distinct Pop" when the head goes in. It's without a doubt the best toy I've ever owned. I had no idea what I was missing!!! It is BY FAR the most comfortable toy I've owned... it's soooo smooth so I don't get sore or chaffed like I did with some rougher textured dildos. Because of how smooth and comfortable it is, I can play much longer and our "sessions" are muuuch more fulfilling lol. The bulges and contours feel phenomenal and are unlike any other toy I've experienced. I can't quite get over the first bulge yet but I'm close.

If you are anywhere close to being able to take a toy this big (and it is big), you have to get this.

My first time playing with the Walrus went... well... I just finished shaving everything and got everything nice and lubed. I felt the incredibly smooth head slide between my ass cheeks as I began working it up and down to get everything warmed up and start to feel the head begin to slowly stretch and open me up. Once I was stretched around the widest part of the head, I eased myself down a little... bit... more... and WOOOOOOOOOW!!!

It was the most incredible "Pop" ever! It literally pulled and sucked itself up inside me while feeling the smooth shaft sliding deeper and deeper inside me until I came to the first bulge. I sat there quivering for probably a minute.

As I began lifting off "wally" it started to gliding out easily and I slowed when I felt the head start to swell at my hole. Once I was at that widest point again I eased back down again and WOOOOW AGAIN!!! The Pop was almost better the second time. After several minutes of this when I was really broken in, I really started to ride and bounce on this monster. At this point, I completely forgot it had a vibrator in it. I grabbed the dial and cranked it up as high as it would go and I became so overwhelmed with pleasure that I almost came without even touching myself!!

After the session, I found myself laying on my bathroom floor dripping with sweat.

There would be world peace if everyone had one. I hope everyone enjoys this thing as much as I am and will for a long time.

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