Best Customer Review of the Week – Monolith Dong

May 12, 2013 by

Best Customer Review of the Week – Monolith Dong

The award for Best Customer Review of the Week goes to to Jammin for their review of the Monolith Dong:

I have to admit I didn't buy this here. I'm not sure why except I may have found it cheaper elsewhere. Since we've gotten into stretching I've bought most of our toys here. We have the Big Split Megadong, the Fat Man Megadong, the Mighty Joe Dong, the Cyclops and now the Monolith Dong. Big Split no problem, Mighty Joe too rough at the head, Cyclops too big. Fat Man our favorite toy to date, wife has mind blowing orgasms.

Monolith is on a whole nother level for her. I mean like WOW! She won't hesitate to ask for it and doesn't mind letting me know how awesome it is. Just the right amount of pain and pleasure for her which is totally new for her to mention. The second time we used this she let me literally fuck the shit out of her with it and boy did she cum. The other night she wanted it slow and deep. It gets a nice pop in her pussy when I fuck her fast and pull it out. She loves that.

The only thing that would make it better is if it was a little longer for when she wants to ride it while sucking my dick with me laying on my back in bed. Which is why my next purchase will probably be the dildo version for those times. I'll be sure to buy it here when I do.

My wife is embracing the fact that she is a size queen and I'm loving it. I think it will be a while before we need to go bigger as it is still a tight fit and I'm ok with that. Thanks Star and Grey. After 20+ years together we're having more and more fun because of great products like these.

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