Best Customer Review of the Week – The 3 Extra Inches Extension

May 5, 2013 by

Best Customer Review of the Week – The 3 Extra Inches Extension

The award for Best Customer Review of the Week goes to to Mr X. for their review of the 3 Extra Inches Extension:

When sober my wife gets timid about the size of this toy. After some alcohol she demands that I wear it. Either way she gets the most intense orgasms ever and one after another until she just can't handle them anymore. I can give her orgasms without this toy, but with this thing on it's like she is having convulsions.

The size of the toy is intimidating but after the initial penetration and a few strokes she is taking the whole thing and wanting me to fuck her harder.

There is no denying that my wife loves how big this makes my cock and the fact it prolongs me from cumming too soon. Between hitting her deeper, wider and for as long as she can take it this toy is a must.

As for me the toy feels great. Tough getting your balls through but it suctions on your cock and actually keeps your erection hard. I love how it holds on with no real straps which makes it feel natural. I totally love watching the pleasure she gets while I have something so large going in and out of her.

The after effects of this toy gives me some intense orgasms too. I usually finish after she can't take it anymore. I'll pull this thing off and stick my dick inside her. Wow, what a feeling! You don't know what a pussy feels like until it has been fucked senseless by something as big as this. After this her pussy is so hot and creamy and stretched that I feel like my whole cock just splats right in. You can't help but cum quick and hard. At this point she doesn't care that I cum quick because she is like Jello at this point.

Let me add that we have had this toy for around a year. We can't use it as often as we would like because it makes my wife scream so loud from her orgasms that we can only use it when the kids are gone which is rare. That should help give you an idea how awesome this toy is.

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