Best Customer Review of the Week – Perfect Fit Fat Boy Extender

Mar 17, 2013 by

Best Customer Review of the Week – Perfect Fit Fat Boy Extender

The award for Best Customer Review of the Week goes to to Ronin_Dave for his review of the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Extender:

This thing is fantastic! I was always a little skeptical of such extensions, but after reading the item description of this one, I figured I'd give it a shot in the hopes of offering something new that both my wife and I could enjoy. I'm pleased to say that we were both very, very pleased.

First off, this extension feels great once in place. The material is very soft and supple, yet stays in place well once testicles are properly inserted. With a little lube inserted to help slip the sleeve on, the soft nubs inside feel quite good and have served me well as a stand-alone masterbation tool as well.

I'm an average 6" guy, so I don't quite fill up the entire length of the sleeve, but when fully erect there is just enough room left over to be fun and interesting when I start slipping around inside 😉

My wife loved it. I'm really into stretching her out, but we haven't worked up to full on fisting yet. This was a GREAT bridge to help me work further to my fisting goal. My wife really enjoyed the additional girth, both marveling at the physical sensation as well as the visual appearance of a freakishly fat, dark object easily thrusting in and out of her.

The extension feels great to both of us and it remains an object of desire we both enjoy sharing together.

I only wish this item was offered in a 6" length, as this one, while pleasant to wear, offers a little more room than what I find ideal. Although the extra room slows for some very pleasant slipping and sliding, I would prefer a more snug fit for enhanced thrusting capability. Still, it is a remarkable item and one I'm glad to have acquired.

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