Best Customer Review of the Week – Super Star

Mar 3, 2013 by

Best Customer Review of the Week – Super Star

The award for Best Customer Review of the Week goes to to BigBlackCockLover for his review of the Super Star:

I don't even know where to begin. When I first took it out of the package and saw how BIG it was I thought "Holy Shit! That's a big dick!" When I took it out of the plastic and held it in my hands I was overwhelmed by how thick and heavy it was. I literally felt like I was holding a lethal weapon in my hands capable of both intense pleasure and destruction. When I finally went to try it out it took me a long time and a lot of Vaseline to get it in. When that thick black head slowly popped into the tight pink flesh of my asshole the sensation was extreme. As I looked into the angled mirror I almost couldn't believe my pale white peach booty was being so stretched and violated by that ebony monster. I took the big black demon deeper and harder and it pushed and pulled my pink booty hole as if it was going to rip it right off my ass. I pumped it until I came and now I'm sad to say i don't know if I'll ever want to fuck BAM again. In my opinion, definite 5 stars and best dildo made thus far. I get horny and start leaking just thinking about getting fucked by the Superstar. If you like BiiiG dick, I mean really big and thick pipe that will fill you in every way possible, I definitely recommend immediately purchasing the Superstar. You won't regret it when your ass is being pleasurably DESTROYED.

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