What’s Going On Here??

May 28, 2012 by

What’s Going On Here??

If you've been to BigSexToys.com before, you may be wondering if you're in the right place. Don't worry, you are!

We haven't made any changes to this site for years. There have been a number of reasons for that. We've been busy running the Big Sex Toy Store. That's been taking most of our time and energy for the past 13 years! Add in a few other factors: the amateur porn market went into a decline; George W. Bush declared "War on Pornography". (And yes, there's a new administration on Washington, but they've been busy with a couple of wars and a financial meltdown that they inherited.) But mostly, we've just been too busy running the store.

Recently I started working with blogs for a couple of groups I belong to. I learned a bit about WordPress. And then inspiration hit: why not turn Big Sex Toys into a blog?

So here it is: the Big Sex Toys Blog. I'm going to be writing about sex toys: what I'm doing with them; what's new and exciting; what's happening in the adult product market; playing safely; and anything else that's interesting. And of course, I'll be focusing on BIG sex toys, fisting, and extreme penetration in general. And I'll occasionally post some of our "classic" amateur photos, as soon as I can get a handle on the Federal record keeping requirements. I might even get inspired and post and take some new pics!

I'm going to try to post a few times a week, so bookmark this site, and check back often!

~~ Grey


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  1. Chuck

    Good news!!! I’ve sure missed seeing you guys all of this time. Maybe we’ll get things sorted out eventually and get access to some of your famous videos again! Whew! I spent a good amount of time wide eyed, rock hard, checking you guys out back in the day.

    • Hey Chuck, thanks for making the First Official Reply to our First Official Post!

      I know I’ve got all our pics and videos somewhere in our archives. I think they’re in a box next to a crate labelled “Ark of the Covenant”, LOL. As soon as I figure out more of this blogging thing I’ll start getting some pics up.

      ~~ Grey

  2. keal

    About a year ago, my girlfriend and I got into shower enemas to do our own deep colon hydrotherapy. Your website had a page about ‘how to take it up the ass’ which to us was the bible of how to insert a colon tube. Just the best page with info on a person’s large colon, and I didn’t save the page to my computer. I’ve been on IRC since the early 1990’s on EFNet and also Undernet when it formed, and remember the days when that’s all there was. But I wasn’t into the human body then. Your page on how you had a long dildo inside you, and you swallowed a dildo and pushed out the other one for your performances…. very inspiring! Hoping you get that page back up in an archive or something, and looking forward to your future installments 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for posting! The page you’re referring to was called the “Huge Dildo Page”. It wasn’t actually about me. It was written by someone who went by the name “Swallow”. When his site disappeared, I had saved a couple of the pages and put them up on our site. A couple of years later Swallow contacted me, and sent me a complete copy of the site.

      We had the pages up for a few years, but people kept writing to me and asking me questions about how I did this or that. Even after I put large disclaimers at the top of every page that I did not write the pages and could not answer questions about them, people still wrote to me with their questions. I finally got tired of that and took the pages down.

      I don’t know if I’ll ever put them back up again. I’m not sure I even saved a copy of them. I am going to put up some of the other pages from the site that have gotten a lot of hits in the past, like my article on working up to large toys called “Going Wide and Deep”.

      ~~ Grey

    • I did some digging in my archives, and I did find the old pages! The site was called The Huge Dildo Home Page. They are part of the history of sex toys on the Internet, so they really do need to be preserved. Rather than try to force the structure of the old site into a blog … which would be kind of like trying to put a Model T engine into a 2012 Mustang … I decided to put them back up as a separate site, just as originally published. I just registered the domain name HugeDildoHomePage.com, and will be setting it up on our server over the weekend. I should have the site up early next week, and I’ll announce it here when it’s live.

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